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Self-Love Course


Treating yourself like someone you dearly love means implementing daily self-care tools that improve self-awareness and self-compassion.


Because cultivating a loving relationship with yourself generates not only positive feelings, but also the courage to live, to laugh, and to love to your fullest capacity.

You might be thinking, “OK, I get it intellectually, but gosh, how does one love oneself without being selfish or overindulgent?”

And this is the tricky part: self-love does not mean feeling good all the time; in contrast, self-love requires us to go to those places that hurt, are insecure, and are unexplored. Self-love requires us to be honest with ourselves, forgive ourselves when we make mistakes, take ownership of our actions and feelings, and be kind to ourselves. This is hard as nobody has ever taught us these skills. Instead, for most of us it’s much easier to avoid painful places within us and pretend that they don’t exist. For this reason, we often use food, work, exercise, sex, retail therapy, or other numbing practices as diversions, that’s the problem. Or we go to another person to take care of us (a friend, partner). Some of us might also plunge into achieving external success in the hope that those unresolved insecurities somehow will be fixed once we find the guy/girl, get the job, get thinner, get the promotion, get the house, and so on. Sadly none of these will ever be enough to ease the feeling of disconnectedness that has been caused by our self-judgments, emotional addictions, and unrealistic expectations we placed upon ourselves. The only way to awaken the true joy within us is to fill that well of emptiness and bring light to those parts of us that we chose to neglect and are ashamed of. It’s time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. Time to learn how to be here and now for yourself, no matter what.

During this 21-day ‘fall in love with yourself’ journey you will discover, and learn how to walk hand-in-hand with the inner lover within you, who will constantly romance you even when life gets hard.

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  • Nathalie I

    Lifetime tools

    During this course, I have felt more love to myself, even my darker side, I have learned to interview my emotions (everybody should make it a practice), and learned to listen to my needs and set boundaries. Along the way, I found when love radiates from me, it will also radiates from other people and our environment in a lot of different forms. The course is very clearly structured and the examples help to understand some tasks. Sometimes I was a bit stuck because I do not know how to answer (inner child, boxes) or maybe I did not take enough time to go deeper in the question and want to move on with the daily tasks. I think I need to take the class again, for the practice and to go even deeper. Thank you again for this beautiful class that I will recommend as much as possible !
  • Claudia Kosser

    Fully in love with myself and this journey

    Hi Jela and Iza, I found this very helpful and can proudly say that I really managed to change how my inner voice speaks to me. I had done a lot of reflection work and work around my inner child before so I felt week 2 was a great roundup for me. I loved week 1 with the feedback from friends, Interview the feeling and life history. Gratitude and spreading love I know from my yoga practice. So a lovely way to bring it all together and I’ve already recommended it to a few other ladies. In gratitude to you for designing this and Mandy for bringing in to me. I’ll come back to the meditations for sure and potentially take the course again in a year or so… lots of love, Take care! Ps: I think the price in RMB is way too low for the effort you put into it. I appreciate you want to make it affordable to anyone but I find you can price a bit higher 🫶
  • Camilla

    Beautifully designed, thought provoking & soul enriching

    I have recently completed the self-love course with Iza & Jela! This course has a lot of depth from the journal prompts to the community sharing sessions and the support we received throughout the course! I would absolutely recommend to anyone, because we can all benefit from using the tools provided in the course to heal and grow and acknowledge our inner child in the process🌹the awareness that I received from this course has been incredible! Thank you Iza & Jela 🙏🏼
  • Rachel Hart

    Amazing foundation!

    If you are looking for something easy to understand and well paced to get you prepared for a journey of a lifetime this is it! The tasks as well as the meditations blend perfectly. Also, the printable journal has absolutely everything you need! Totally recommend this course!
  • Emma Johnson

    A perfect way to start your self-love journey!

    This course has been heart opening for me. Self-love is always something I have found to be difficult but each day it has helped me to become more compassionate with myself. The course takes you on a self-love journey step by step, with loving affirmations, deep meditations and journalling tasks to help you reach inside yourself. I will be recommending this course to all my loved ones. Thank you so much!!