Mindfulness off the Cushion

28 days
All levels
15 lessons
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8 students

Practicing mindfulness has so many benefits for our mental, psychological and physical health. Guided meditations are really helpful, but to get the optimal benefits and make a real change in our lives, we need to lift mindfulness off our cozy meditation cushions and bring it into our daily lives. Afterall, cushion time has been strengthening those brain synapses in order to allow us to apply them to our everyday activities. 

This course teaches practical ways to apply mindfulness to our daily tasks so that we can approach our life more intentionally. By becoming more aware and awake to each moment we start to fully engage in what is happening within us and in our surroundings.We hope that through doing the course you will first hand experience the transformative power of mindful living.   

Join us as we explore how we, through mindfulness we can overcome our daily stress and free up the space for us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and our intuition.

You will gain:

  • More awareness of your thoughts, emotions, patterns, etc.
  • Lifetime access to tools to practice mindfulness in different contexts
  • Experience more stillness and “space” to choose responses
  • More calmness and presence throughout the day
  • Changes in neural pathways that increase focus, empathy, happiness, resilience
  • Health benefits such as: better sleep, lower pressure, ability to handle difficult feelings and pain
  • 5 guided meditations
  • daily journaling prompts for deeper reflection

This course is for those who had some prior experience with meditation and want to extend their practice to daily activities.


28 days: 2 days for each topic