Essential Parenting – knowledge, skills and support

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Target audiences

  • parents
  • educators

About the course:

Parenting is the most demanding and at the same time the most rewarding “job” you’ll ever do. Equipped with knowledge, practical advice and support we’re going to provide, you can improve your own parenting skills, gain better understanding of children and parenting, try different strategies and set the course for raising well-balanced, independent, strong and resilient children.

This course is for:  

* expecting parents

* parents of children age 0 – 12

* educators working with parents and/or children of this age

* others interested in parenting and raising children


What you will gain from this course:

* How to guide your children to develop the most important life skills

* Gain insight into developmental, positive psychology and new research of   mindset

* Enhance your parenting skills

* Apply theory to your daily parenting through practical tasks

* Receive feedback and support for the duration of the course

* Lifetime access to the course on our learning platform



Miki Cutuli

Area of Expertise

  •     Emotional and Child Psychology 0-12
  •     Positive & Conscious Discipline 0 -12
  •     Montessori method
  •     Support from pregnancy to parenthood

Miki was born in Italy to an Italian father and a Spanish mother. Miki is currently living in Shanghai and she is a mom of 3 kids.

Energetic and passionate, she started to work with kids 15 years ago, always looking for new ways and strategies to help children develop their potential while respecting their nature.

Miki loves to support parents before and during their wonderful journey offering them many possible tools to become drama-free and build a respectful relationship with their children.

Jelena Fu

Area of expertise

  • Children learning skills and habits
  • Developing growth mindset and grit
  • Meditation for children/adults to improve focus, cognitive skills, decrease anxiety and stress, increase empathy and inner calmness, improve overall psychological well-being
  • Raising adolescents
  • Parenting for divorced families

Jelena Fu is an educator with extensive experience working in China and Serbia. She has designed curricula for different subjects and ages, held training for teachers and workshops for parents. She has been practicing meditation for many years and wants to pass on her experience and the benefits of meditation to others. Her meditations on the Insight Timer app are very popular. She attended the TEDx Conference in Shanghai in 2015 where she spoke about parenting and she regularly writes articles about education and parenting for the Novak Djokovic Foundation.