Energy Reset – 21 Days Comprehensive Challenge

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This course aims to introduce energy-unblocking and energy-increasing activities that you can apply to many life aspects: your morning and evening routine, food choices, exercise, other well-being habits, etc. As you progress in the course you will have a chance to try out quite a few things and observe how your energy changes and how you feel as a result. By the end, you will have a very clear picture of the life routine that will support you best. It is a comprehensive course set as a 21 days challenge that resets your body and mind by guiding you through simple, yet powerful activities designed to make a big impact on your energy, mood and health. Pillar 1: Food – from cleaning up your pantry to choosing whole food, trying various types of diet, to mindful eating and intermittent fasting. Pillar 2 & 3: Evening and morning routine – from energy increasing activities in the morning to slowly winding down in the evening to get a restful sleep. Pillar 4: Exercise – from walking to yoga, Qigong, zumba, jumping jacks… Pillar 5: Well-being – from connecting to nature to self-care, gratitude, singing… This course is for you if you:
  • feel stuck mentally, emotionally or physically
  • feel fatigued
  • need to change your life habits
  • want to eat healthier
  • want to try different types of exercise
  • want to try various well-being activities
You will gain:
  • more energy
  • improved sleep
  • better mood
  • new ways to move your body
  • inspiring morning and evening rituals
  • healthier eating habits
  • kitchen makeover
  • increase vitality
  • habit tracker
  • videos recorded by experts specifically for this course
Join us for this amazing course to experience a profound change in your overall well-being. Start a new path of living in your body and on Earth, one that creates a powerful identity shift to nourish and restore, flow and fill you with health.