Boundaries as a Path to Freedom

21 days
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The course “Boundaries as a Path to Freedom” is designed as a journey toward better and healthier boundaries that help you create a free, safe, loving and supportive space for yourself to grow, change, release old patterns and conditioning and thrive. It will also help you to improve the relationships you have with yourself, family, friends, partner, colleagues, etc. and base them on your inner truth and integrity.

In this course we take a deep dive into boundaries:

  • Learning what boundaries are or are not
  • Myths we often unconsciously subscribe to
  • Sources of poor boundaries 
  • How and when to draw boundaries
  • Tools for setting clear, strong, kind and loving boundaries
  • Tools for dealing with boundary violation

The course consists of 21 lessons that you can take at your own time, learn at your own pace, reflect and test as you go.

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  • Anna Chen

    A course to find self value

    An amazing course! I will go over it whenever I feel I need to be empowered! The process of setting, communicating and protecting our boundaries reflects how much we respect ourselves. The change of our boundaries reflects our self-improvement. Through the course, I learned the boundaries are all about ourselves, not others. It's a profound course help me define my value! Thank you so much Iza & Jela help with me! Really meaningful in the way of my self actualization.
  • Nevena Hristova

    Insightful and transformative experience!

    I was so amazed by the course so I decided to do it twice! The first time I just went over the contents and got so many insights that many of my problems and difficult relationships stem exactly from my poor boundaries or my inability to communicate them or enforce adequate consequences. The second time I actually worked with the journal and have put the main boundaries in place. Time for practice! Thank you, Jela and Iza, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!
  • Michela Cutuli


    I learned so much about how to set healthy boundaries respecting myself and the people around me. Iza and Jela are wonderful teachers and gave me the support I needed to be able to communicate effectively my needs without feeling guilty. The community created was so helpful to go through this journey together. I recommend this course to anyone who would to reflect, learn, establish a better and healthier relationship with himself and the people around while establishing boundaries.
  • Michelle Kwan


    I love you both and the course SO MUCH. Jela and Iza are both amazing teachers. The content is so expansive and I've learned so much. I am continuing to dive into the material after the course as situations come up that call me to learn about boundaries. I've done SO MUCH better at setting boundaries and noticing and respecting other's boundaries as well. Thank-you!!
  • Jenna Lea

    Incredible, Insightful and Empowering

    This course for me was so insightful and made me question and explore my world in a loving and compassionate way. I gained tools and a deeper understanding of myself and feel so much safer and stronger because of this. The content is structured in such a way that the structure is a beautiful process that leads you to where you desire to be when it comes to boundaries and how you show up in the world in every aspect of your life. Thank you so much to Iza and Jela for creating this course, it truly has given me more then I could have imagined.