Boundaries as a Path to Freedom

21 days
All levels
22 lessons
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The course “Boundaries as a Path to Freedom” is designed as a journey toward better and healthier boundaries that help you create a free, safe, loving and supportive space for yourself to grow, change, release old patterns and conditioning and thrive. It will also help you to improve the relationships you have with yourself, family, friends, partner, colleagues, etc. and base them on your inner truth and integrity.

In this course we take a deep dive into boundaries:

  • Learning what boundaries are or are not
  • Myths we often unconsciously subscribe to
  • Sources of poor boundaries 
  • How and when to draw boundaries
  • Tools for setting clear, strong, kind and loving boundaries
  • Tools for dealing with boundary violation

The course consists of 21 lessons that you can take at your own time, learn at your own pace, reflect and test as you go.